Wednesday, 30 May 2012

feeling better

lately i feel so much better than before... i think i know why :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

damage done by time

the camera can be damage in time according how well the 1st user is taking care of the camera..
this is the damage can be found by me
lense - suma x bersihkan
slot memory- kaki patah dem
batery cover- hilang defaq
standard batery- hilang
charge batery - hilang
video cable - hilang
usb cable- hilang
body- 50% calar
batery grip- wayar charger dia gila bapak epic
speed light - wtf is duct tape doing with my speed light? sigh DX
beg- berdaki, berhabuk abis lense and koyak sana sini.. dem need find new one..

come to think of it.. better buy kat lagi murah..  lagi baru n so on T_T

after service camera ni byk lg benda nak kena beli which is

maybe beg baru
batery charger
tripod (kena cari yg pro n dont know when to buy)
hood lense
kain lense
alcohol utk lense cleaning

Saturday, 19 May 2012

choice do i have to make today argh confuse gila..

today i thought pagi ni nak pegi cycling last2 phone aku ni dah mcm function ceased.. scumbag alarm phone.. but then.. my mom want me to stay home for waiting my dad ajak gi kuar makan2..  tp aku nak amik barang ni... so the whole day aku x buat pape haha dah jd gila dah ni.. nak men bowling hari ni pon rasa was2 je T_T pe bole wat.... forever gelisah je la hari ni XD