Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How i meet my Starcy

A day that i have to let go of scrappy, where should i find a replacement for her? should i buy just ordinary guitar or waiting someone who gladly to gave up with their guitar to me. (lol thats is not gonna happen in these day). Scrappy is a guitar that a meant for  newbies who want to learn. Scrappy has been pass down from generation to generation where the previous owner is Mr pakun. After he can played well, he give scrappy to Mr kappa. Now, mr Kappa is very talented person. He kept scrappy about i dont know maybe 6 months, and then he turn it back to mr Pakun. Then its my turn to kept scrappy. When it first came to my hand, i saw scrappy was heavily damage by scrap due to no good artist who wan to modified scrapy. i modified her back so she can be pretty again. the time to time after i can play (not so good XD) i gave scrappy to mis fara. oh well its time for me to bought new guitar.

bently music here i come XD

 because of bently music are near to ikea store.. ive get to eat ikea meatballs. they say it was pretty awesome and it is. Other things i try :-

-cinimon roll quite nice (taste like cinimon)
-mushroom soup (only today)

 here are my new guitar starcy

                                                       born in China -_-

i find that starcy have a mouth an evil eye and a eye patch coincidentally

22 fret XD

new classy strap for my guitar :3

so that is all. I hope this year i can play a new song and remember more chord than last year. ok XOXO