Friday, 20 July 2012

i failed making a spread..

it seem that my food processor aint got power enough for making my cheswnut extra fine resulting my spread like a cheap choclate spread.. maybe thats my limit of way making chocolate spread. to make chocolate spread u need a powerful food processor to grind the nut until it turn to extra fine spread.. and maybe u need heat up a lil bit just to melt the sugar.... .. dah ar manis gila babas.. darn..

Thursday, 12 July 2012

from darkness to sunlight

urgh nape la aku mls nak update blog kali ni? hehe  ok la .. hehe enough with this crap XD  this post kali ni agak  not so interesting to reader but im gonna tell you bout my feelings rite now.. where should i start? hmm let see...  last 2 month i see nothing but darkness in my sight but now.. im starting to see the light where i see new hope .. well if i keep just moving forward, i might get a chances to start all over again haha mcm konsol game.. agak 2 dah rasa fat up je.. g la reset hehe XD