Saturday, 16 March 2013

A good soup :)

simple meal yet still tasty
OK Im not gonna lied, this is the simplest food i ever made. it came to my mind "hey potato soup, why i didn't ever think about it?". the potato can be stored in the kitchen which means i don't need any fancy fridge to stored it ;). while Im prepared the material i need to think something creative.. what would i need to create a tasty soup? So i open the drawer and i found some interesting item that has been left by my previous appears that some cinnamon, cube known and bunga lawang lol..  maybe if i put it in my soup they would be fabulous soup rich with flavor and it turn well.. HOHO~~ just making the soup make it looked like a sad dish. after some consideration, ive decided to make some telur dadar . for your information, there are some tips to cook a great telur dadar . the key is you have to cooked it with a big high flame. when the flame are big enough to boiling the oil the egg will start cook faster to forming multi thin layer thus creating a thin texture so when you eat it, it will crunchy. well enough with the scientific explaination.. duh.. i have no idea how to describe it .. lol  One thing ive failed when i cooked rice.. it turned to be too much water i added hehe .. my skill has been rust due to eating at restaurant for too long. anyway... its not too bad for the taste. here is the ingredient i add in my soup

  • garlic clove (add insanely according to your lust)
  • red onion (2 piece hey you can add it according to your desired)
  • a dice of ginger
  • 3 potatoes  (remove the skin and cut into 4 pieces each )
  • 1 finger of cinnamon, 
  • 1 cube known (just 1 is enough to make my soup so salty XP)
  • 1 bunga lawang (consider of put 2 pieces it would ruin your soup coz it got strong flavor. ADD 1 ONLY)
  • 2 table spoon of oil